UK Government issues damning response to 200,000-signature Petition

The Government has issued a firm response to a parliamentary petition calling for the legalisation of cannabis, that reached over 200,000 signatures and will be considered for debate in parliament.


The petition that urges the Government to "make the production, sale and use of cannabis legal" has 203,466 signatures at the time of writing.


Scientists fear legalization will lead to Monsanto GMO Cannabis

A team of researchers at Phylos Bioscience launched the Cannabis Evolution Project last year in an effort to map the genetic structure of marijuana, effectively protecting the biodiversity of cannabis from corporate interests, such as Monsanto, which might be tempted to capitalize on legal weed by securing exclusive patents on select strains.


For years it has been rumored that Monsanto, a multinational agrochemical corporation, was developing genetically modified cannabis in advance of federal legalization.


Is taking Drugs a Human Right? Cross-Party MPs and Peers Group think so

Taking drugs is a human right, according to a cross-party group of MPs and peers who want to legalise the possession, purchase and growing of drugs.


The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Drug Policy Reform want to use human rights legislation to decriminalise drug use, claiming the "blanket prohibition" drug policy approach has failed.


8 Courses High and Rising: Amsterdam's Gourmet Cannabis Experience

What happens when you scoff a psychedelic cannabis-based tasting menu stuffed with hashish, bud and trippy truffles?


When was the last time you felt trepidation prior to eating in a restaurant? Not the social anxiety of a first date or dining with your boss, but a soupçon of nervousness about the food itself.


Berlin's Hanfparade: For Cannabis, against Harsh German Drug Laws

Berlin's Hanfparade (Hemp Parade) has now taken place every year since 1997. Last year, according to the official website, 6,500 people demonstrated for the "legalization of cannabis as a resource, medicine and recreational drug in Germany."


The activists' efforts appear to have led to results. There is movement in the drug policy debate. In Germany and abroad, more and more people are discussing the failure of prohibition, and some officials are contemplating, even embarking on, new paths.


Medical Cannabis Legislation to be debated this Month in Costa Rica

A controversial medical marijuana bill is amongst 54 bills and initiatives that are scheduled to be read and debated in the extraordinary session of the Legislative Assembly, which begins on Monday and will continue through the month of August.


The bill seeks to legalize and regulate marijuana-derived medicines and medical treatments, including tablets, suppositories, ointments, sprays, patches, and injections amongst others.


Cannabis has become Silicon Valley’s Hottest New Investment Sector

California has the biggest medical marijuana market in the US. Ahead of a referendum that could see recreational use legalised, start-ups are proliferating and investment is pouring in.


Wearing a straw hat and a big grin, farmer Casey O’Neill is busy greeting customers at a Saturday farmers’ market in Mendocino County, Northern California. “Another day in paradise,” he calls out, as one approaches. Fresh broccoli, courgettes and spring onions are on display on his table, all grown at his farm.


Autism One Step Closer to Qualifying for Medical Cannabis in Michigan

Last Friday a panel came in with a resounding 4-2 vote recommending that children with autism should qualify for Michigan's medical cannabis program. It’s a huge step forward for medical cannabis, as state physicians and families have worked tirelessly to highlight the benefits of using cannabis to treat children with severe autism.


It's not time to celebrate just yet, though.


Teen Cannabis Use NOT linked to Depression, Lung Cancer, Other Problems

Chronic marijuana use by teenage boys does not appear to be linked to later physical or mental health issues such as depression, psychotic symptoms or asthma, according to a study published by the American Psychological Association.

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Rutgers University tracked 408 males from adolescence into their mid-30s for the study, which was published in Psychology of Addictive Behaviors®


Even Anti-Drug Program DARE has come out in support of Legalisation

The list of people who think it's sensible to outlaw a drug 114 times less deadly than alcohol is getting shorter and shorter, with even DARE publishing an op-ed calling for marijuana to be legalised.


The staunchly anti-drug organisation, which tried to instil fear of psychoactive substances in the minds of teenagers in the 1990s, was forced to admit that regulating cannabis will "actually make everyone safer".