Health Officials discussed Legalization of Cannabis across British Columbia

As Vancouver struggled to regulate its explosion of marijuana dispensaries, top provincial health officials considered how they could legalize the recreational use of the drug across British Columbia.


In a series of e-mails released through a Freedom of Information request, the health officials acknowledged there would likely be little progress toward legalization while the staunchly anti-drug Conservatives hold power in Ottawa, instead suggesting such a radical change would likely come about only if the Liberals win the fall election.


Anger at ‘Stalled’ Decriminalisation Political Debate in Bermuda

Action is needed on the “stalled” debate over decriminalising drugs, which community group the Young Progressives says could defuse the Island’s gang-related tensions.


“Every time we lose someone, every time a young man is murdered, politicians come out and give their condolences,” said group member Cleveland Simmons (pictured left). “It bothers me, because we put forward the idea way back with the Progressive Labour Party, when they came together with a joint committee that heard references to the decriminalisation of drugs, and yet nothing has been done about it. It’s stalled.”


Medicinal Cannabis is likely to be approved in New Zealand by 2016

Toni-Marie Matich's eldest daughter suffers from intractable epilepsy - a seizure disorder that cannot be controlled with conventional medicine. It led the Hawkes Bay mother-of-five to found United in Compassion (UIC), which advocates for New Zealand-based research into the therapeutic effects of cannabis-based medicines.


The paediatrician caring for her daughter just happens to be the Children's Commissioner, Russell Wills (pictured left).


Experts predict Canadian Health Insurance will soon cover Medical Cannabis

Canadians who have been prescribed medical marijuana could one day see their insurance company footing the bill, experts predict, following the introduction of new Health Canada rules that allow for the sale of cannabis oils.

Health Canada announced revamped medical marijuana regulations earlier this month after the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that users of the drug should be permitted to consume it in other forms, such as oils and edibles, rather than have to smoke dried buds.


Australia Could Legalize Cannabis for Medical Use next Month

A Senate committee representing all Australia’s major parties is preparing a Regulator of Medicinal Cannabis Bill to legalize medical marijuana, despite warnings of regulatory complications with both Australian and international law, a report says.


The committee includes the Coalition (the Liberal Party, the National Party, the Northern Territory Country Liberal Party, and Queensland Liberal branch the Liberal National Party), the Labor Party and crossbench senators.


A move to decriminalize Cannabis in Italy has the backing of 250 MPs

Proposals that would largely decriminalize marijuana in Italy currently have the support of 250 MPs – but does that mean Italy will be legalizing the drug any time soon?


Under the new proposals, people over the age of 18 could cultivate up to five plants at home and growers could set up social clubs involving a maximum of 50 people and 250 plants.


How we could harness Medical Cannabis for Pain Relief without Side Effects

Experts and society are divided on the benefits and subsequent legalisation of medical marijuana.


In North America alone there is deep division with half the states and Canada legalising medical marijuana while the other half refuses. In the UK it is not legal to use medical marijuana, but ironically the UK is home to the most successful cannabis extract company in GW Pharmaceuticals, who have a product on the market that includes a mixture of cannabis extracts.


The Burning Conservative Case for Legalising Cannabis in the UK

David Cameron’s government should embrace legalisation – the benefits of doing so would make sound economic sense.


Pressure for cannabis law reform is gaining international momentum – and Britain is no exception. Last week saw over 100,000 people petitioning the government to introduce a legal and regulated cannabis market.


Respect State Marijuana Laws Act could end US Cannabis Prohibition

A bill with bipartisan support introduced in Congress this week is finally tolling the death knell for cannabis prohibition.


By removing a notorious legal contradiction, the legislation would give precedence to state marijuana laws—making federal enforcement a thing of the past in states where medical and recreational weed are legal.


New Study shows that Cannabis may help heal Broken Bones

Israeli researchers have discovered that cannabis can be effectively used in healing broken bones and maybe other skeletal illnesses.


Scientists from the Tel Aviv University revealed that cannabis has a component which enhances the healing process of fractured bones. The study was published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research.