Leading Researcher weighs in on Long-Term Effects of Cannabis Use

Allegations from anti-pot proponents that cannabis use by adults causes serious harms are unwarranted and unproven. So says one of the United State’s leading marijuana researchers.

Speaking recently to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Dr. Igor Grant acknowledged, “There is no evidence for long-term damaging effects in adults.”


C4 'Drugs Live' Cannabis Trial: Hash is less harmful than any other Drug, Expert claims

A former government adviser on drugs policy has claimed that traditional “hash” varieties of cannabis are among the least harmful drugs available in the UK.


Appearing on Channel 4’s Drugs Live programme looking at the effects of cannabis on the brain, Professor David Nutt said “hash” was less harmful than tobacco, alcohol, ketamine, methadone and a host of other substances.


German Court allows Patients to grow Medical Cannabis for Personal Use

A German court ruled for the first time in July 2014 that seriously ill patients may grow their own marijuana for medical purposes in certain cases.


The administrative court in the western city of Cologne said that while cannabis remained illegal for general use in Germany, it may be cultivated at home by some patients with medical permits for the drug.